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We can help you to Brand your product,packaging and other graphic services, we has well can help you to design some promoting support such as landing Brand page,Media support and events


We can cover entire Marketing strategy on social media online,in seach engine and other niche of e-marketing world.Together with branding and devellopment is an entire boots to your Business project or start up

Web Design

We can host your project on shared server or excluse one, as wellas cloud service, We offert Support & Strategy for WordPress,Shopify lite,and other plateform such as Woocommerce.Make Logo,Graphic,Button,Banner and other web design services. We can make you a site similar than this one !


We make photography ,we make special effects, we can make you HTML5 flipping photo book, as well as design and organised your pictures into a printing book. we watermark pictures ,and can cover event,or do still photography on movie set

trade and Wolesale

We import from manufacturer,Patented products and other exclusive & rare product from all over the world. Hand made,manufactured or family bussiness,if you want to trade with us as a Supplier or as A wholesaler We will commit ourself to offer you great tools and services at a fraction of the price on marging market


We devellop start up,We devellop project,We devellop software strategy We devellop product launch,We devellop Product & sale strategy ,We Coach as well

Work process

We work mostly exclusively online we have Great tools for sharing ,chatting ,video conferencing Reviewing, Annoting and some time meet :) we use collective offices all over the world and will give a list for a eventuel meeting but some time travelling cost more , not always for better productivity but is always a human experiences who reach this goal

1. Discussion
For any type of demamand on your behave except fast track order, we will discuss and have a one to one up to 30mm generally slpit in two meeting of FREE Consulting. On your Project or Proposal or Buss offer or Startup via our comunication tools *Slack *Skype *Facebook messager *what´s app
2. Design
Are always discuss ,Assess with you, Evaluate and let you do so, and Test before any implementation. We have some flexibility about modifications but you need to be reasonable, we don´t tolerate Abuse and via our communation tools and exchange tools
3. Development
Devellopment are Plan carefully before having been fully assess and Evaluate ,as sometime we need to present it to a third party for manufactuaration .when is a in House Devellopment we test more than we need but implement only what works ...